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2 Opportunities to Communicate Value & Expand Your Leadership Legacy

Legacy leaders look for ways to communicate value in ordinary situations. Recently, a friend challenged me to answer two ordinary questions, questions most of us get asked every day, in a way that will leave a lasting impression and communicate value to others.

In Pursuit of Value Creation with Jerry Daniels

Jerry Daniels is the founder and CEO of Automotive Broadcasting Network. He is not only an industry disrupter, he created a blue ocean for himself. He identified an unknown, unmet need in society and created a valuable societal solution. He is the epitome of value creation.

3 Ways to Execute Leadership in a Competitive Environment

My daughter plays beach volleyball for Pepperdine University. While I obviously love watching her play beach volleyball because she is my daughter, I also love watching her play beach volleyball because I get to witness countless displays of ordinary leaders practicing extraordinary leadership.

How Will You Write Your Leadership Legacy?

When you leave your job or current position; when your kids leave your home; when clients, colleagues, or companions leave your life; and ultimately when you leave this earth, you will be remembered by the story you write about yourself.

3 Ways You Can Practice Optimism Today

We all have challenges. We have families, employees, projects, teams, budgets, deadlines, and setbacks. What is there a lot of in life? Manure.  

Stop. Leadership is Listening.

If you ask people in my life to describe one of my weaknesses, my hunch is each person will answer with one word - listening.  

The Game Changing Legacy Leadership of Jon Podany at LPGA

Jon Podany is the Chief Commerical Officer of the LPGA. Jon leads the commercial and business efforts of the LPGA to include sales and marketing, television, digital media, tournaments, title sponsors, branding and creative services, and licensing.

Legacy Leadership from Today Forward

Recently, I spoke to an awesome group of CEOs and business leaders. During my presentation about holistically leading with purpose in life, the audience was engaged in the subject matter, contributing to the collective conversation, and open to the leadership lessons to be had in our time together – everyone except one. 

Legacy Leadership in a Family Business with Dan Zarraonandia

Dan Zarraonandia and I are lifelong friends. We were roommates at UCLA, worked in President Reagan’s post-presidential office together (where we both learned to Lead Like Reagan), and I am proud to watch my friend build and leave a leadership legacy.

The Garage to Goliath Journey of Ron Bailey and Strayer University

Ron Bailey is the featured guest on the inaugural episode of the Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies podcast for good reason. Mr. Bailey changed my life for the better; he invested in me with his invaluable time, knowledge, and his generous heart.