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3 Traits Leaders at All Levels Should Cultivate

Recently, I interviewed the CEO of Jet Delivery, Mike Barbata, for my leadership podcast.

He had a ton of business leadership advice and inspiring stories of how to care for people and practice true legacy leadership instead of settling for just having a leadership title. You can find the interview with Mike on my leadership podcast here.

Whatsmore in that interview, Mike talks about the qualities he looks for in people before he hires them. Mike is passionate and meticulous about maintaining a positive, growth oriented company culture and getting the right people on his team is critical to the success of maintaining the company culture at Jet Delivery.

For young leaders looking for a company to thrive in and as a reminder for leaders at all levels, here are 3 traits a successful CEO looks for in people he wants to hire.

Cultivate these 3 leadership traits in yourself:

1. A positive attitude - It may seem cliche yet it's a truism through and through. Positive people are far more successful, likeable, and able to lead than those who solely focus on the negative. 

There will always be plenty of negativity in life on which to fixate. But why do it? What good is it doing? How is fixating on the negative making you, your life, or the life of anyone around you better?


Successful people want to find & surround themselves with problem solvers. And problem solvers become successful people. @DQuiggle 

Your knee jerk reaction may be to see the glass as half empty and you know what, the glass may actually be bone dry. To cultivate that desireable positive attitude, take one step away from negativity. Once per day, re-evaluate your negative knee jerk reaction, and find the positive in the situation at hand. 

2. The willingness to help othersDo you approach a situation with your primary goal of elevating yourself or learning how you can help others? By the way, the best way to help yourself, more often than not, is to create value for others. This week identify one new way to help someone and then execute. 

3. Being a problem solver - It's no secret we’ve all got problems. We’ve got work problems, and family problems, and political problems, and problems with problems. But it doesn’t take anything special to sit around a kvetch about the problems. If you have a pesky habit of not being able to find solutions to problems, you’re likely part of the problem.  

Successful people want to find and surround themselves with problem solvers. And problem solvers become successful people. The next time you catch yourself complaining about a problem, pause, take a breath, and brainstorm potential solutions.

Just 3 quick reminders for leaders at all levels as we journey to write our own leadership legacy.

Lead well,


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