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3 Ways CEO Disease Affects Everyone Around You

While you may think CEO Disease is just a you problema you problem becomes an everyone problem when it is undetected and unaddressed by you as a leader. Like most bad habits or that creeping undertow of egoism, this you problem spills out onto everyone else around you and those people don’t really like being dumped on.

You want to be a leader in your life. You want leadership to be a lifestyle and not just your title. You want to be a leader worth following. And I want that for you too. So you have to consider the possibility of CEO Disease infecting your leadership journey. 

Here are 3 ways CEO disease affects others around and really comes back to hurt you, as a leader, in the end (even if you aren’t a CEO, I want you to honestly think about how people in your life are responding to you).

1. They disengage - When people don’t feel comfortable enough to tell you, a leader at any level, the truth, people will slowly disengage from you. Disengagement is detrimental to the health and energy of your company, your teams, and your relationships. If you're volatile and you don't create a level of comfort for people to talk with you truthfully, your people will disengage from you; they'll disengage from the company; and they'll disengage from the mission.

Your you problem will create clock punchers instead of creative, organizational entrepreneurs. And certainly don’t expect people to go the extra mile to communicate with you. They'll come to you only as an absolute last resort. Your you problem is now an everyone problem

2. They leave - When your you problem chases away enthusiasm, innovation, and motivation, your best people are not far behind. If you’re the leader of a company or team and you’re attending a lot of farewell lunches, you have a problem. Your you problem is now an everyone problem that will hurt you as the leader the most. We all know turnover is costly. What's more, if your people are actively looking to leave, you won’t get proactive, honest communication from them. They’ll pacify you with platitudes while they look for a different leader who will give them a shot at personal and professional fulfillment. 

3. They aren’t loyal - And they aren’t loyal, not because they’re bad people, but because you didn’t inspire them to be loyal. We all long for people to be real. You might be the leader in title, but people aren’t going to be loyal if you aren’t real and authentic. You will get little loyalty if you don’t make authentic and inspiring personal connections and investments in the people you lead. Dan-Quiggle-Leadership-ebook-Is-CEO-Disease-Crippling-Your-Company.png

If you see a pattern of any of the three everyone problems outlined above in your life, it is cause for concern. However, you can make a change. Get my free leadership ebook and learn seven symptoms of CEO Disease and how a you problem becomes an everyone around you problem.  

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It’s never too late to get to the next best version of yourself. You can diagnose and treat CEO Disease before it’s too late. Get my free leadership ebook now.

Lead well, 


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Get a free copy of Dan's Leadership eBook

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