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3 Ways to Expand Leadership

Leadership isn’t just a theory, it’s an action. You take action and you empower others to take action.

While there are two distinct leadership traits I learned from President Reagan, I also saw him be a leader of action. The prevalent, pervasive, and action oriented leadership I witnessed in the President is that he expanded leadership.

If you want to expand leadership in your sphere of influence, the question becomes, how do you identify and train leaders.

While I travel around the world speaking to other CEOs and leaders at all levels, I often get the question, ‘Dan how are you here today? You’re the acting CEO of your Florida based title company—America’s Choice Title, you spend part of your time in California, and you’re speaking in [insert whichever city here] on a Tuesday morning. How do you do that? Because that’s what I want.’

When others ask me that question, I respond with a question of my own: 'What one word are you not willing to give up?'

And the answer is everyone?


I learned from President Reagan the best way to achieve success in your leadership journey is to give up control and expand leadership.

Listen to episode 035 of my leadership podcast to learn the 3 ways to expand leadership and hear ideas on how to expand leadership in your life:

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