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4 *Tricks* for a Legacy Leader to Treat People Well

It may be a similar situation in your home, I just made a day-of run to the store for candy because the original stash of sweets, to be reserved for this evening’s festivities, didn’t actually last to see Halloween.

While making the candy run, I was thinking how we, as leaders, should look for any and all opportunity to invest in our people and treat the people in our life well.

So in the spirit of Halloween fun, here are 4 tricks to treat your people well, not just today, but as legacy leaders in life:

1. Be authentic - You expect the people you lead to be real, honest, and transparent with you. Why would your team or the people you lead expect anything less from you? You want your people to real, honest, and transparent, so you need to be real, honest, and transparent with them. The next time there is negative news for your company or teams, treat your people to the ugly truth, don’t sugarcoat it. Then be authentic and optimistic as to how you’ll navigate the challenge as a team.

@DQuiggle | Leadership Keynote Speaker . . . treat your people to the ugly truth, don't sugarcoat it. Then be authentic & optimistic as to how you'll navigate the challenge as a team. @DQuiggle

2. Be proactive - Regularly ask your employees and individuals on your team ‘What can we, as leadership do, to make you want to stay here, with our company?’ Treat your people to real conversations about what is working, what isn’t working, and what you can do to keep them excited about coming to work each day.

3. Be their loudest cheerleader - You like to be appreciated, don’t you? Your employees are no different. Your people want to know what they do matters and that you appreciate their contribution to the team. Thank them, and thank them often. A bonus for you, is if you are known for thanking your team publicly, your people will be more loyal to you and the vision you are trying to accomplish.

4. Ask them for their ideas - As leaders we often get wrapped up in inspiring our teams to pursue our ideas and our vision. However, the simplest form of praise and recognition, we as leaders sometimes overlook, is asking our people for their ideas. When you ask your people for their input, you send the message, ‘I actually do pay you to think around here and value your ideas and input.’

**Bonus trick** Actually do something with those ideas - Don’t just ask for the ideas, go the next step to help them and empower them to implement the ideas that will help the company grow and the team succeed. A powerful, motivating treat for the people you lead is letting them see that they can affect real change at work.

This Halloween, it doesn't have to be trick or treat, for legacy leaders it can be tricks and treats. 

Lead well,


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Photo by Beth Teutschmann on Unsplash