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6 Leadership Concepts to Maximize Your Potential

It was great to be a guest on The Success 101 Podcast with host, Jarrod Warren. Thank you to Jarrod for having me as a guest and introducing me to his listeners.

The goal of Jarrod’s podcast is to give listeners to a new concept or idea to maximize their full potential.

I’m excited to share 4 of the paradigm-shifting leadership lessons I learned from President Reagan during my incredible front row seat to history and the opportunity to see world-class leadership up close and personal:

1. There were not two Ronald Reagans. There was no public persona and then who he was behind closed doors. He was caring, genuine, humorous, and humble publicly and privately. Dan-Quiggle-Keynote-Speaker-ebook-cover-kitchen-cabinet-3d

2. Real leadership is never about demanding or demeaning or demoralizing; it's about inspiring and motivating and appreciating. 

3. The real life application of an attitude of gratitude.

4. The importance of having a Kitchen Cabinet.  

I also shared 2 leadership lessons I learned while building my business that saved me:

5. How a real leader sets goals and actually achieves them.

6. How to shatter the myth of work-life balance.

You can listen to my interview on The Success 101 Podcast here. Enjoy!

Lead well, 


P.S. For more ideas on how to build your own Kitchen Cabinet and when to engage the right members at the right time, download your free copy of my leadership ebook: Who’s In Your Kitchen Cabinet | 10 Ways to Build a Powerful Brain Trust.

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