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Are You a Self-Aware Leader? Get a Quick Two-Step Checkup

The root cause of CEO Disease is a lack of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the will and the skill to see yourself as others do. Self-awareness is the will and the skill to see yourself clearly. 

Like any other skill, you must practice and exercise self-awareness on the regular, or the skill of self-awareness will atrophy.

So let's just do a quick self-awareness exercise.

I want you to do two things: Ask yourself the following two questions. -AND- then go the extra mile to ask two other people the following two questions about yourself.

1. Am I losing touch? - Do you find yourself increasingly out of the loop? Do you find it difficult to keep up with what’s going on in your organization, on your team, or with the people you lead? Do you honestly know what is important to your customers? Do you know what is important to the people on your teams? Do you even know what is important to members of your own family?

Ask yourself, am I losing touch? And then ask two other people you know you can trust if they think you’re out of touch with the people you lead.

2. Am I indecisive? - Do you frequently change your mind? And then do you get annoyed when the people you lead can’t keep up? If the answer is yes, it’s probably because your people don’t know what you decided, because you never actually did decide.

Do you let everyone around you know what the decision is, what their role is in that decision, how it affects them, and what they get out of it?

Decisiveness is necessary to lead others well. Harvard Business Review found the ability to make decisions with speed and conviction to be the number one thing that sets successful leaders and CEOs apart from the rest.

So ask yourself, do I abruptly change my mind? And then ask two other people how your decisions come across to others around you.

Quick exercises like this will help you strengthen your own self-awareness and will serve you well on your leadership journey.

For more self-reflective questions to keep you self-aware as a leader, get a free copy of my leadership ebook, Is CEO Disease Crippling Your Company? How to Diagnose and Treat It Before It's Too late

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Remember, as a leader, you must continually practice the will and the skill to see yourself clearly. Claim your free copy of my leadership ebook to guide you toward self-awareness on your leadership journey

Lead well, 


Get a free copy of Dan's Leadership eBook 


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