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Are You an Empty Suit? Do You Have CEO Disease?

Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence.

In short, self-awareness is where you lean to recognize internal meters and subtle signals.

Self-awareness is when you regularly take out the mirror and you put it right in front of your own face. And you may or may not like the reflection.

So right now, I ask you this question—I ask this question of anyone who leads another person, formally or informally. You can be a high school leader of a club. You can be a college leader of an organization. You can be the CEO of a company. Or a leader on your own block or in your own family.

I ask this question the same way, every single time, and here it is . . . Dan-Quiggle-Leadership-ebook-Is-CEO-Disease-Crippling-Your-Company
Do you have CEO Disease?

You might actually be a CEO and say, ‘Well what is that?’


You might respond to me, ‘Well I’m not a CEO, so no I don’t.’

Not so fast, listen to episode 037 of my leadership podcast, to learn:

1. What CEO Disease is and if you have it
2. My secret to cure CEO Disease

Listen and enjoy!

Remember to get your free copy of my leadership ebook: Is CEO Disease Crippling Your Company? | How to Diagnose and Treat It Before It's Too Late

Lead well, 


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