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Dan's Leadership Podcast Ep. 046 | Framework for CEO of Me Inc.

As I travel around the world speaking, at every single event, keynote speech, leadership retreat, and conference, someone pulls me aside and says, 'I wish my kids could hear this message about leadership and business.'  

Dan-Quiggle-Leadership-Podcast-046-RajshreeThis is the perfect leadership podcast to listen to with your kids; the message is inspiring for CEOs and young leaders alike! 

My guest on episode 046 is the Rudolph Lamone Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland; she is also the Director of the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets—Dr. Rajshree Agarwal.

Rajshree teaches that truly successful businesses are moral enterprises, resulting from productivity, integrity and a sense of purpose. She says:

“My passion is upward mobility . . . I care deeply about growth; achievement for me is not always measured by the level you have attained as much as the road you have traveled. For me the journey is the destination. And I care deeply about integrity as in the whole of a person rather than the individual parts.”

Listen to episode 046 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies podcast to hear 6 themes I think are major paradigm shifts and super value add ideas for the individual practice of leadership and business:

  1. An Active Mind v. An Open Mind [17:11]
  2. Envy v. Jealousy and why business leaders need to know the difference to protect the integrity of free enterprise and the free society. [25:23]
  3. Creative Destruction v. Creative Construction and why business leaders need to embrace both [32:25]
  4. Entrepreneurship v. Intrapreneurship and why we need leaders in both arenas [38:58]
  5. How to get students to think and act like the CEO of Me Inc. [41:32]
  6. The ABCs of Value Creation [59:50]

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Listen and learn. This is a perfect episode for leaders at all levels!

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