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Dan's Leadership Podcast Ep. 041 | Inspirational Leadership

A cornerstone to real leadership is relationship management. 

Relationship Management is the ability to communicate clearly and convincingly, the ability to diffuse and manage conflict, and the ability build strong personal bonds.

And relationship management is birthed out of two core leadership concepts:
1. Crisis Management
2. Inspirational leadership. 

Listen to episode 041 of my leadership podcast and you will: 

1. Change the way you view crisis for the rest of your entire life, forever, in 4 minutes or less [00:39]
2. Learn how Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken applies to leadership [4:43]
3. Discover new ideas of how to be a powerful, inspirational leadership [5:26]
4. Understand why inspirational leaders need to have really short memories [8:22]

Listen and enjoy!



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