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Get an Extra Special Dose of Leadership 

Richard Rierson has over 25 years of real world, practical leadership experience as a United States Marine Corps Officer, Corporate Executive, Professional Aviator, Entrepreneur, and host of Dose of Leadership. Richard is manically passionate about leadership. And in his interview on my leadership podcast, you get an special dose of leadership. 

This episode of my leadership podcast with guest, Richard Rierson, is a powerful conversation for leaders at all levels. Richard is authentic about his failures (as any real, genuine leader needs to be) and is optimistic and inspiring—reminding my listeners and fellow leaders that failures don’t have to define and defeat us. Richard is on a quest to empower other leaders in the pursuit of a leadership style that is calmer, confident, consistent, & courageous.

Listen to episode 034 of Garage to Goliath | Leader Building Legacies to hear:

  • Richard share leadership advice for veterans transitioning out of the military and into civilian life [9:30]
  • 3 ways senior leaders miss the opportunity to maximize success with their teams [13:36]
  • How leaders need to communicate the commander's intent [16:35]
  • The one trait Richard says makes the absolute best, most effective leaders [18:42]
  • The most dangerous pitfall to our own leadership journey [23:43]
  • Richard dissect the 10 dysfunctions of a team [29:34]
  • Dan talk about his "thank you department" [44:03]
  • Richard talk about a time where he wasn’t leading well [48:48]
  • The advice Richard would give to his 20 year-old-self [52:43]
  • How Richard wants his children to describe him to his grandchildren [1:03:49]

This special dose of leadership is an antidote to CEO Disease and a great boost on your leadership journey.

Links from episode 034 of Garage to Goliath | Leader Building Legacies:


Lead well, 


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