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Empowering Communities to be Open for Business

Mike Mugel is my guest in episode 030 of my leadership podcast, Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies. Mike is the founder and CEO of Red Mountain Group. He started his company with one property and a vision that anything is possible. Mike has grown Red Mountain to a portfolio of over 4.5 million square feet with assets 17 states. Red Mountain helps empower communities to be open for business. 

In our talk together, Mike says repeatedly that culture, culture, culture is the most important thing to grow and scale a successful business. And when you first start a business, the culture is really the only thing you have anyway.

For those of you who think culture is just a business buzz word or that culture is too soft and touchy feely for you, check out how getting the culture right can help explode a business from a numbers standpoint. Mike and his team took Red Mountain Group from $43million in assets to $1billion in 7 years (and did it organically). [17:16]

Mike believes that kind of growth is only possible because of the company’s commitment to the culture. He says, “Culture is what makes your business, saves your business, and provides longevity and structure for your business . . . Policies and procedures are great to write down, but effectively no one follows those. It's your culture that gets your people to buy in . . .”

You obviously have to make a business work from a numbers standpoint, you have to make a profit, you have to hit marker goals, you just can’t do any of that well without the relationships of the company culture.

Listen to episode 030 of my leadership podcast to:

  • Learn Mike Mugel’s vision for his company when he first started Red Mountain Group. [10:54]
  • Hear Mike’s hiring strategy. [12:50]
  • Get 3 ideas for creating a thriving culture. [17:48]
  • Hear how Mike defines company culture. [18:57]
  • Hear the story of how Mike took his entire company, spouses included, to Italy. [20:00]
  • Listen to Mike share about his own CEO to the CEO. [42:48]

There are tons of great take-aways and ideas for leaders at every level in this episode of my leadership podcast. Enjoy!

Lead well, 


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