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Focus on Leadership

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ivan Nikolov. Ivan is a coach, entrepreneur, and purveyor of the individual empowerment community - Life Mastery.  

His goal is to give his community stories, examples, tools, and the confidence to demystify success and empower others to pursue clarity of purpose in life.

We discussed a few leadership concepts I have found helpful in my life and some tools to put in your leadership toolbox.

I shared a few stories about the stories, values, and beliefs of my family of origin and my childhood.

Ivan asked me to talk about challenges that shaped me as a person and molded my leadership perspective.

Ivan and I have a shared goal of helping others to lead and live life with purpose, direction, and optimism.

Here is a preview of the conversation we had:

Ivan has a fascinating story that I am excited to share with you, including immigrating to these United States from Bulgaria (where his father was a communist leader). Here in America he found freedom and is committed to helping others achieve personal freedom through their own life mastery.

I’ll have Ivan on the Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies podcast at a time forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Lead well,

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Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash