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G2G028 with Guest Joanne Currie, Co-Owner of Splash Cafe

On episode 028 of my leadership podcast, I have as my guest, Joanne Currie. Joanne is the co-owner, along with her husband Ross, of Splash Cafe. In 1991, they purchased Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach, California and have since grown Splash Cafe to three locations, a full-service catering business, an artisan bakery, and have created a renowned and coveted clam chowder recipe that people flock to Splash Cafe to enjoy.

The Splash chowder is such a savory sensation, Costco approached Splash Cafe with a request to carry the Splash chowder in Costco stores. Splash clam chowder is now sold in Costco locations throughout Southern California and the Central Valley. Joanne and her Splash Cafe team went from selling 5,000 gallons of clam chowder annually when they first opened in 1991 to today selling over 40,000 gallons of clam chowder annually.

In a volatile industryfood serviceshear how Joanne builds a company culture around exceeding people’s expectations every time.

Listen to episode 028 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies as Joanne and I talk about:

  • An interesting trick Joanne uses to hire and care for her company culture. [7:43]
  • Joanne’s strategy to keep employees motivated.  [10:06]
  • How to meet and exceed people’s expectations. [12:32]
  • How she and her husband make their relationship work as business partners. [16:09]
  • How she paints the vision and keeps so many moving parts and people moving in the same direction, toward the same goals. [27:42]
  • How Joanne describes the role of business in society. [32:37]

Listen and enjoy!

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