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The Leadership of Best In Class Education

CEO of Best in Class Education, Hao Lam, is my guest on episode 038 of my leadership podcast. Hao has an amazing story of escaping a communist country and coming to America for freedom—the freedom to fail, to learn from those failures, to succeed, and to add value to others and transform lives through business and entrepreneurship.

Hao just released his own memoir, chronicling his leadership journey thus far. I am humbled he asked me to write a review for his book. Here is what Hao’s book means to me:

G2G038-Dan-Quiggle-Leadership-Podcast-interview-guestHao is the embodiment of Emma Lazarus’ words, “Give me your . . . huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”and here in this shining city on a hill, they can make it, here they can not only survive but thrive, because here in this land, we are free.  

From Bad to Worse to Best in Class is the story of tenacity, grit, the humility to admit mistakes, and the wisdom to learn and grow from failure; it is an unsung hero’s story made possible by the free society.

Hao’s story teaches us to learn something meaningful from every circumstance, lead with humility every chance we get, and leave a lasting legacy.
- Dan Quiggle, Founder & CEO, The Quiggle Group

In episode 038 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies, you’ll hear:

  • Hao’s story of growing up in Vietnam, his 10 escape attempts, and how he got to America [3:09]

  • Why Hao says that failure is a good thing [6:29]

  • About Best in Class Education [10:58]

  • Hao shares his system and processes for quality control while scaling a growing franchise [13:13]

  • The culture and core values of Best in Class Education [15:05]

  • Hao on how to hire, identify potential in people, and feed and grow that potential [18:02]

  • Hao’s life change through joining EO [19:32]

  • Hao shares a time when he had CEO Disease [26:21]

  • How to know when you’re spread to thin and how to stay focused [28:28]

  • The one trait Hao looks for in his top people and why [31:31]

  • Hao’s leadership style and leadership philosophy [33:43]

  • The advice Hao would give to his 20-year-old self [36:45]

  • The best advice Hao would give to his kids or grandkids [37:43]

  • The person who’s had the biggest impact on Hao as a leader [40:36]

  • Hao’s strategy to lead effectively at work and at home with work-life presence [42:09]

  • How Hao wants his children to describe him to his grandchildren [46:29]

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P.S. Hao Lam and I do talk about the dreaded CEO Disease. Hao has some great insight on how he keeps

Dan-Quiggle-Leadership-ebook-Is-CEO-Disease-Crippling-Your-CompanyCEO Disease at bay.

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