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2 Opportunities to Communicate Value & Expand Your Leadership Legacy

Legacy leaders look for ways to communicate value in ordinary situations. Recently, a friend challenged me to answer two ordinary questions, questions most of us get asked every day, in a way that will leave a lasting impression and communicate value to others.I challenge you to take your next garage to Goliath step, and turn these two mundane questions into a way to communicate value and inspire optimism in your listener.

Opportunity #1 - How to answer the question What do you do?

What do you do? You’ve been asked this question hundreds of times, as have I, and I want to start answering it differently than I have in the past.

Instead of just offering the standard, boring answer of what we do or what our title is, we should answer this questions with how we help people.

“I’m Dan, a leadership keynote speaker” becomes “I inspire others to take the next garage to Goliath step in their leadership journey.”

“I’m the CEO of America’s Choice Title” becomes “I empower my team to help people achieve peace of mind when buying a home.”

Think about others around you. How are they better off because of what you do?


Think about others around you. How are they better off because of what you do? #GaragetoGoliath @DQuiggle

You’re not just an “architect.” You “help people build their dreams and create a place of solace for their families.”

You’re not just an “accountant.” You “free people to focus on what they enjoy most about their families and business.”

When you answer with what you do, it's all about you. As a legacy leader you can instead seize the opportunity to make your answer others centric, communicate value, and inspire and delight your listener.

Plus, talking about yourself in way of value creation and impact, rather than just your status, makes you intrinsically more attractive to other people.

Opportunity #2 - How do you answer the question What is your company (or organization)?

A close relative of the question, what do you do, is the question, what is your company?

Again, lead with the value, benefits, and impact of your company rather than just the product or company name. The goal is always inspiration, not merely settling for providing information.

Lead with the benefit your company provides to your listener or society at large and how you help people.

 TThe goal is always inspiration, not merely settling for providing information. #GaragetoGoliath @DQuiggle

You might work for or run a marketing firm; really your company helps other businesses tell the stories of how they help people and create solutions in society.

You might work for or run a company that manufactures packaging; really your company creates the vehicle for other companies to deliver, surprise, and delight their customers.

Business creates value in society and for individuals. Be optimistic and unashamed about how your company helps others.

My friend challenged me to answer these questions differently; I hope you’ll take the challenge with me.

Lead well,

 Dan Quiggle | Leadership Keynote Speaker

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