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Lessons in Leadership with Olympic Athlete, Holly McPeak

Wow, I’m so excited to introduce you to professional beach volleyball player and Olympic medalist—Holly McPeak—on episode 042 of my leadership podcast.


Holly McPeak has quite the resume, including:

  • 72 career titles
  • Is among the top three most winningest woman in pro beach volleyball history
  • 2004 Olympic Bronze medalist with partner, Elaine Youngs
  • One of only five women worldwide to participate in three Olympics in beach volleyball
  • Elected to the Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2009

She was an amazing athlete and leader on the court and now is so giving as a coach, mentor, and role model to thousands of young women trying to make their own mark on the sport of beach volleyball.

I’m fortunate to call Holly a friend and am so grateful for the mentor she is to my daughter, Corinne, as she pursues her passion for beach volleyball. 

This episode of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies is jammed pack with leadership lessons for student athletes, players, parents, and coaches alike.

For the players and student athletes, listen to Holly McPeak:

  • Explain the character traits of a champion [2:35]
  • Share what she learned from volleyball legend, Gene Selznick, at the 1996 Olympics [3:19]
  • Define what she looks for in athletes off the court [5:05]
  • Empower you to advocate for yourself!
  • Teach you to learn and live a “next play” mindset [15:51]
  • Equip you with self awareness—your body language really does matter [20:09]
  • Talk with Dan about being a “pointer” [20:47]
  • Learn how great players communicate on the court [22:15]
  • Reveal huge red flags to avoid [24:45]

For the sports parents, how are you leading? Listen to learn:

  • A cautionary tale to parents—you might be hurting your player [30:47]
  • The importance of rest for your athlete [35:15]
  • From Holly the most frustrating things parents do [36:44]
  • The parental behavior that is actually hurting your athlete’s success [39:27]
  • Actions parents can take to enhance the athlete’s journey [41:09]
  • How to practice your “resting cardio” as a parent [43:24]


 Coaches, there is something for you too. Hear Holly talk about:

  • Why positive coaching is so important [47:49]
  • Her personal coaching philosophy [4929]
  • How she coaches athletes that have raw talent but the wrong attitude [53:17]
  • Are you a yeller? [57:13]

Listen, learn, and lead—on and off the court!

Links from episode 042 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies podcast:

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