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Mrs. Reagan - A Thank You

Thank you for all the nice messages regarding the passing of Mrs. Reagan.

I was honored to get to help out throughout the week and attend her funeral. 27 years ago I started working in the Office of Ronald Reagan. It was an honor to serve my hero. I witnessed the love affair they shared, I saw first hand what real leadership looks like up close and personal, when no one else is watching. I saw a leader that didn't demean or demand, he inspired, appreciated and empowered. Mrs. Reagan supported him all along the way.

I also witnessed how important it is to surround yourself with good people. The staff loved them! The Secret Service loved them! That is because they treated people with respect and stood strong for the things they believed in. We can learn a lot from their love of Country and love for each other!

God Bless President and Mrs. Reagan and I'm so happy you are finally together again!