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The Myth of Work-Life Balance

You’ve probably heard speakers talk about work-life balance. You've probably read books and articles about work-life balance. You, yourself, have probably been chasing work-life balance.

Do you want to know what I think of work-life balance? 

One Surefire Way to Weaken Your Leadership Immune System

There isn’t a one time, cure-all, for CEO Disease. You can’t just ward it off once and think you’ll never be susceptible to it ever again. 

G2G028 with Guest Joanne Currie, Co-Owner of Splash Cafe

On episode 028 of my leadership podcast, I have as my guest, Joanne Currie. Joanne is the co-owner, along with her husband Ross, of Splash Cafe. In 1991, they purchased Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach, California and have since grown Splash Cafe to three locations, a full-service catering business, an artisan bakery, and have created a renowned and coveted clam chowder recipe that people flock to Splash Cafe to enjoy.

Two Indicators You Need a Leadership Wellness Check

The tricky thing about CEO Disease is unless you’re consciously looking for symptoms of it, you’re none the wiser that you are infected. And you’re none the wiser because you get glowing feedback all of the time from the people you lead and your teams.

Two Causes of CEO Disease

More than any other time in the history of mankind, we have more access to seemingly limitless knowledge. We have the answers to most, if not all, of life’s academic or intellectual questions, in our back pocket—on this powerful information device we call a smartphone.

Though exceptional leaders—legacy leaders—know that academic and intellectual knowledge is not enough to succeed or to lead well. To be an effective leader, you also need to develop and continually evolve emotionally and relationally.  

5 Leadership Elements of a Corporate Athlete

I have a vision for you as a leader. That vision is one of being a corporate athlete—physically, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally in tune. 

I want to share with you a leadership habit I practice myself. I have that list in a place I see it every single day. The list reads: physically, intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally in tune.

Mike's Messages | Believe in More

A special member of my team, Linda Lynch, lost her brother one year ago today. Michael Klein was too young, too healthy, too in love with his family, and too full of life to leave this earth when he did.

While Mike is terribly missed by many, he leaves a legacy that affects complete strangers. Out of the tragedy of his untimely death, there is an abundance of lessons we can all learngood things can rise.  

Relax and Infuse Joy into Your Leadership

Episode 026 of my leadership podcast is a conversation I had with Amy Lisewski.

Amy is the founder and CEO of Finest City Improv; the author of, Relax, We’re All Just Making This Stuff Up: Using the tools of improvisation to cultivate more courage and joy in your life; and a fellow Vistage Worldwide speaker.

3 New Year Resolutions for the Legacy Leader

We do it every single December.

Customarily, in the post Christmas lull, we busy ourselves making a list of resolutions for the upcoming year. At one time or another, we all have made the resolution for weight loss, cessation of some bad habit, or a promise to yourself to be more organized.

Legacy Leadership is a Deliberate Practice

I often tell the story of a world-class archer; he is a fierce competitor, holds multiple championship titles in his respective sport. No one can compete with this archer or so he thought.