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Leading People and Making America Beautiful

It was exciting to be the keynote speaker for a large gathering Schwarze Industries hosted for all their distributors. And to my great fortune (and probably a little to his misfortune) I got stuck in traffic for 90 minutes with the president of Schwarze Industries—Howard May.

Optimism and Leadership | It's Morning Again

When President Reagan took office on January 20, 1981, the nation was suffering from the longest and most sustained period of inflation in national history. Gas lines. High unemployment. High interest rates. The prime rate reached 21%. People had 18% seconds on their homes.

Profit is Merely a Result - Leadership and Value Creation

Episode 022 of my leadership podcast is part two, of a two-part conversation I had with the founder and former CEO of Million Dollar Baby Company - Daniel Fong. 

Leadership is an Attitude of Gratitude | 4 Steps to an Extraordinary Thank you

Leadership is the deliberate and conscientious practice of an attitude of gratitude. A genuine thankfulness ought to be the guiding light of our leadership journey.

Visionary Leadership | Founder of Million Dollar Baby, Daniel Fong

Episode 021 of my leadership podcast is part one, of a two-part series conversation I had with the founder and former CEO of Million Dollar Baby Company - Daniel Fong.

Leadership Lessons Learned Deep in a Doughnut Hole

In episode 020 of my leadership podcast, is a great conversation with Richard Reinis, a partner at Thompson & Coburn LLP, who also found himself selling doughnuts and scaling quickly. In addition to practicing law, Rich is also the owner of Great Circle Family Foods, a major Krispy Kreme franchisee.  

4 *Tricks* for a Legacy Leader to Treat People Well

It may be a similar situation in your home, I just made a day-of run to the store for candy because the original stash of sweets, to be reserved for this evening’s festivities, didn’t actually last to see Halloween.

While making the candy run, I was thinking how we, as leaders, should look for any and all opportunity to invest in our people and treat the people in our life well.

Use 3 Exercises to Train Your Entrepreneurial Mind

In episode 018 of my leadership podcast, Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies, I interviewed the President and CEO of Coast to Coast Conferences and Events, Michelle Manire. You can listen to our interview here.

Are You Investing in Others Around You?

Not that I’m biased as a graduate of  UCLA, but we all have something to learn from the best coach, from the best university in the entire United States of America - John Wooden. If you walk into the Wooden Center at UCLA, you will see, 20-feet tall, all in gold, painted on the wall the Wooden Pyramid. 

3 Ways Legacy Leaders Can Grow Through Tough Times

In episode 018 of my leadership podcast, Garage to Goliath, my guest was Michelle Manire, founder, President, and CEO of Coast to Coast Conferences and Events. Michelle is the sole owner of Coast to Coast and has built a team at Coast to Coast with a steadfast commitment to excellence which in turn has made Coast to Coast an award-winning, premier conference and event planning company.