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Visionary Leadership | Creating a Culture That Is Bigger Than You

What is the reality?

75% of careers are derailed because of lack of emotional competency. Notice, I didn’t say position in company, lack of institutional knowledge, or lack of technical skills. 

3 Traits Leaders at All Levels Should Cultivate

Recently, I interviewed the CEO of Jet Delivery, Mike Barbata, for my leadership podcast.

5 Gifts Legacy Leaders Give to Create Value

Mike Barbata is a legacy leader all of my listeners can learn from and be inspired by. Mike is the CEO of Jet Delivery and a garage to Goliath story in his own right. Mike started in the garage bay at Jet Delivery and worked his way to the Goliath position of the owner and CEO of the company.

I’m fortunate to tell this story of an unsung hero of business leadership and caring for and contributing to community.

A Legacy Leader Needs a Strong Kitchen Cabinet

As leaders, we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with and not just during the good times. It’s easy to think we have good people around us when sailing is smooth. We need to be extra judicious with the type of people we place in our kitchen cabinet and prioritize building healthy relationships with leaders of integrity, optimism, and humility.

Personal Wealth & Empowering Leadership with Ivan Nikolov

I was fortunate enough to have an in depth conversation about personal wealth, personal freedom, empowering leadership, and how to relentlessly pursue the next best version of yourself as a leader with Ivan Nikolov.

Real Business Leadership Treats Competition as an Invitation

From a business leadership standpoint, I started my first business when I was 22 years old.

Leadership by Asking More Questions with Matt Erickson of Erickson Strategy 

Matt Erickson is the founder and Chief Consultant of Erickson Strategy where he is passionate about enhancing inspired leaders to create cultures of constructive accountability and empowerment.

Legacy Leadership | 2 Ways to Embrace Individuals

The political climate today is contentious and honestly, like you I’m sure, I have a hard time making sense of it. So when I share stories about and lessons from my experience with President Ronald Reagan, I do not share from a place of propping up a political party or a particular political figure. Rather, I share about Ronald Reagan as a person and as a leader, in life, and not just because he once was president of these United States.

Leaders Create Positive Memories | G2G010 with Shelly Archer 

Shelly Archer is a Partner and co-owner of 360 Destination Group, a full-service destination management company powered by a culture of respect, responsiveness, and creativity.

Focus on Leadership

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ivan Nikolov. Ivan is a coach, entrepreneur, and purveyor of the individual empowerment community - Life Mastery.  

His goal is to give his community stories, examples, tools, and the confidence to demystify success and empower others to pursue clarity of purpose in life.