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Legacy Leadership | 2 Ways to Embrace Individuals

The political climate today is contentious and honestly, like you I’m sure, I have a hard time making sense of it. So when I share stories about and lessons from my experience with President Ronald Reagan, I do not share from a place of propping up a political party or a particular political figure. Rather, I share about Ronald Reagan as a person and as a leader, in life, and not just because he once was president of these United States.

Leaders Create Positive Memories | G2G010 with Shelly Archer 

Shelly Archer is a Partner and co-owner of 360 Destination Group, a full-service destination management company powered by a culture of respect, responsiveness, and creativity.

Focus on Leadership

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ivan Nikolov. Ivan is a coach, entrepreneur, and purveyor of the individual empowerment community - Life Mastery.  

His goal is to give his community stories, examples, tools, and the confidence to demystify success and empower others to pursue clarity of purpose in life.

A Lesson in Business Leadership | Doing Well by Doing Good

I belive the role of business in our society is to create exponential value for others. 

Unpack 5 Leadership Concepts with Guy Wells

Guy Wells is President and CEO of Wells Cargo, Inc. I met Guy while I was the leadership keynote speaker at a Vistage Worldwide event in Las Vegas, NV.

I am impressed with him as leader because he not only took over the family business, he is the first person, in three generations, to own the business outright.

Explore Leadership Influence: Meet Them Where They Are

If there was a time in my life, where I look back and cringe at my behavior, it is for certain the period of time when I was in high school. I was an athlete. I was a self-important athlete.

2 Opportunities to Communicate Value & Expand Your Leadership Legacy

Legacy leaders look for ways to communicate value in ordinary situations. Recently, a friend challenged me to answer two ordinary questions, questions most of us get asked every day, in a way that will leave a lasting impression and communicate value to others.

Creative Destruction and Value Creation

Jerry Daniels is the founder and CEO of Automotive Broadcasting Network. He is not only an industry disrupter, he created a blue ocean for himself. He identified an unknown, unmet need in society and created a valuable societal solution. He is the epitome of value creation.

3 Ways to Execute Leadership in a Competitive Environment

My daughter plays beach volleyball for Pepperdine University. While I obviously love watching her play beach volleyball because she is my daughter, I also love watching her play beach volleyball because I get to witness countless displays of ordinary leaders practicing extraordinary leadership.

How Will You Write Your Leadership Legacy?

When you leave your job or current position; when your kids leave your home; when clients, colleagues, or companions leave your life; and ultimately when you leave this earth, you will be remembered by the story you write about yourself.