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Personal Wealth & Empowering Leadership with Ivan Nikolov

I was fortunate enough to have an in depth conversation about personal wealth, personal freedom, empowering leadership, and how to relentlessly pursue the next best version of yourself as a leader with Ivan Nikolov.

Ivan has a fascinating life story, including immigrating to these United States from Bulgaria (where his father was a communist leader). Here in America he found freedom and is committed to helping others achieve personal freedom through their own life mastery.

Ivan is a former natural bodybuilder, a coach, entrepreneur, and the purveyor of the individual empowerment community - Life Mastery.  

Ivan is wildly passionate about helping people move away from fear and confusion and into a place of power and purpose in their lives.

In our talk together, I love how Ivan defines or redefines two things for my listeners and Garage to Goliath community:

1. Empowering Leadership

Ivan reiterates that as leaders, our aim should always be empowerment - empowerment of self and empowerment of others.

As leaders, we want to be hyper aware, and constantly looking at ourselves in the mirror, to ensure we lead in way to empower others, not in a way that breeds conformity.

Leaders should not want a gaggle of yes-men. Enlightened leaders do not behave or react in a way that creates yes-men around them. Enlightened leaders know yes-men are crippling to them as leaders and crippling to the success and vision of a team

Rather, enlightened leaders choose and respond to their teams in a way that empower people to bring new ideas, be innovative, and use their unique talents, perspectives, skill sets, and passions, to make you and your team better.

You as a leader want the people you lead excited to be part of what you, the leader, are doing because you, the leader, are listening to them, and value everything they have to offer because what they offer is different than what you have, and the difference in perspective, passions, and talents is a good thing.

When people feel valued, listened to, and empowered, they want to give you their best and they want to be around you as a leader.

Succinctly, Ivan nails it - Leadership is empowerment. Leadership is not a position or a title; it is a behavior and a state of being.

t Leadership is empowerment. Leadership is not a position or a title; it is a behavior and a state of being. #GaragetoGoliath 

2. Wealth as a Leader

Ivan shares his thoughts on a holistic way to approach wealth in this life. He shares that wealth for him is three-fold: wealth of relationships, wealth of knowledge, and wealth of spirituality.

Do not miss Ivan unpacking wealth as a leader in minute [18:34] in episode 014 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies.

I appreciate the power of Ivan’s closing thoughts on leadership: He says true leadership is first realizing you are a leader in your own life and you lead your own path. Second, that leadership and the next best version of you is indeed available to you, if you choose to pursue it. No one is keeping it from you but yourself and your own limiting fear.


Lead well,


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Show Notes:
• Meet Ivan Nikolov [:56]

• Ivan’s story of growing up in Bulgaria, with a father who was a leader in the Communist Party, and then immigrating to America [1:40]

• Ivan’s journey in the United States [5:31]

• Ivan share about his first business in America [7:08]

• Ivan talks about what personal freedom means to him [9:36]

• The journey of entrepreneurship in Ivan’s life [13:15]

• Why Ivan is so focused on demystifying success for others [16:23]

• Ivan shares his personal values [18:34]

• Ivan shares what he spends his time thinking about [25:09]

• What Ivan does to continue to get to the next best of himself [28:56]

• The advice Ivan would give to his 20-year-old self (listeners may want to listen to this on repeat) [32:32]

• What does leadership mean to Ivan personally [34:12]

• Advice Ivan shares on empowering yourself as a leader [36:52]

• Ivan talks about Dream. Declare. Deliver. to awaken the leader inside of you [42:30]

• Learn who is in Ivan’s Kitchen Cabinet [46:15]

• What is left for Ivan that he still wants to accomplish [49:29]

• Ivan talks about an issue he is passionate about [54:08]

• People who impact Ivan as a leader [1:00:56]

• How Ivan wants to be described by the important people in his life [1:04:25]

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash