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Relax and Infuse Joy into Your Leadership

Episode 026 of my leadership podcast is a conversation I had with Amy Lisewski.

Amy is the founder and CEO of Finest City Improv; the author of, Relax, We’re All Just Making This Stuff Up: Using the tools of improvisation to cultivate more courage and joy in your life; and a fellow Vistage Worldwide speaker.

At Finest City Improv, Amy and her team, use the methods of improv and drama to empower people to be better, more positive leaders.

Listen to episode 026 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies as Amy shares:

  • The wonders of improv for personal and professional development as a great way to get over the fear of failure and a great way to learn to communicate more effectively with others. [1:56]
  • Where she got her idea to use improv to help people build better businesses. [14:51]
  • The opportunity failure creates and why she encourages people to fail spectacularly and repeatedly. [33:32]
  • The 2 ideas she shares with CEOs and executives leadership teams when she speaks for Vistage Worldwide. [43:24]
  • The shocking thing she did to be more present! [1:00:15]

In our talk together, Amy also walks through the 5 fundamentals of improvisation for business:

1. Perform as an ensemble - use all individual's strengths and put the team first.

2. A yes, and mindset - the shortcut phrase to create positivity, action, and possibility.

3. Take Action - do it with courage and conviction. 

4. Be Flexible - it's okay to make mistakes and when change happens, look for the positive, possibilities, and new opportunities.

5. Find the joy - relax and connect with other people; there is more opportunity to celebrate when we’re in community.

Episode 026 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies is a fun one. Enjoy!

Lead well, 


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