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The Art of Self-Management in Leadership

The art of self-management is crucial to your success and effectiveness as a leader.

Are you in control of yourself, your responses, the way you interact with and deal with this thing we call life? Leaders first need to regularly practice self-awareness and to build on self-awareness, know how to manage thyself. 

In episode 043 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies, I talk about three important components of self-management that I often unpack for audiences in my keynote speaking:

1. Adaptability →  It is being flexible to respond to change. What's more, it is creating the change yourself and welcoming it with open arms.


2. Positivity →  It is pursuing the best in life, for yourself and others, despite obstacles and setbacks. A Positive Outlook is not the absence of trials and hards times, it's how you choose to act during the hard times as a leader. *Hint* there is a very real link between your positive outlook and the way you are able to influence people for the better.

3. Achievement Orientation → It is where you strive to meet or exceed a standard of excellence. How do you get the best out of yourself? Out of the people you come across? Find out in episode 043 of my leadership podcast


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