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The Leadership to Deliver Smiles

During my keynote speeches and leadership workshops, I coach CEOs and leaders at all levels through a tool called The Quiggle Assessment. There are a handful of dimensions to this tool though one reason I use The Quiggle Assessment is help leaders communicate with immediate impact.

At a recent Vistage Worldwide meeting, where I was the guest speaker, Jason Levin, President of Dos Gringos, was in the audience and when asked what he does, without skipping a beat, says, “I deliver smiles.” I knew right then I had to have him on my leadership podcast and introduce him to my audience.

Jason has grown Dos Gringos to be the largest ornamental sunflower company in the world—shipping roughly 60 million stems of sunflowers annually. Dos Gringos is the provider of ornamental flowers to household name companies like Costco, Whole Foods, Publix, Sprouts, King Soopers, Vons, Stater Brothers, just to name a few.

Listen to episode 032 of my leadership podcast to hear:

  • Jason talk about why the goal isn’t to get big, its to get better. [12:25]
  • Strategies for operational excellence at Dos Gringos. [13:38]
  • How Jason grew from 6 employees to 300+ with the people, product, process formula. [14:58]
  • Why Jason likes the word different.  [17:48]
  • Jason tell the story about how he scored his first big account on his wedding day. [19:09]
  • Dan and Jason talk about getting out of the way and empowering others to lead. [26:18]
  • How the culture of Dos Gringos is to coach others not manage them. [27:18]
  • How Jason stays grounded within the company and is able to “shift between the altitudes.” [29:28]
  • Ideas on how to build a company Culture Club. [36:55]

Jason’s aim is to deliver smiles and this interview definitely hits the mark. Listen and enjoy!  

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