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Advice v. Opinion | A 3-Step Checklist to Great Advice Getting

On your leadership journey, it is important to know the difference between opinion and advice. Neither are inherently bad, neither are inherently good. Advice and opinions are just different and it will serve you well to be able to consciously discern between the two.

4 Ways to Close the Gap Between Problem and Solution

We aren’t meant to forge our leadership journey alone. We need to surround ourselves with good people, people I like to call a Kitchen Cabinet, to speak into our lives.

Dan Quiggle as a Guest on The ONE Thing Podcast

A big thank you to Geoff Woods, host of The ONE Thing podcast for hosting me as his guest to expand leadership. The ONE Thing podcast is a great show with the goal to empower others with the surprisingly simple truths behind extraordinary results.

6 Leadership Concepts to Maximize Your Potential

It was great to be a guest on The Success 101 Podcast with host, Jarrod Warren. Thank you to Jarrod for having me as a guest and introducing me to his listeners.

Pay It Forward | 4 Advice Giving Tendencies to Avoid

When I coach people on how to build their own Kitchen Cabinet, I emphasize how important it is to pay it forward—leaders ought to offer to others and create the space to be in another leader’s Kitchen Cabinet.

3 Common Obstacles to Getting Good Advice

Giving and receiving good advice requires emotional intelligence and self-awareness (listen to episode 037 of my leadership podcast for more about self-awareness). Some people may think a person either has these skills or they don’t.

What Would a Hotshot Tell You? | A 3 Step Self-Analysis

Funny thing is when it comes to giving and taking advice, we have a proclivity toward giving advice and tend to be less than stellar at taking advice.

How Do You Make Decisions?

How do you make decisions in your life? How do you make decisions as a leader?

Be honest.