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5 Tips for Motivating Others

"How can I motivate those around me to do their best and be more productive?"

Leading People and Making America Beautiful

It was exciting to be the keynote speaker for a large gathering Schwarze Industries hosted for all their distributors. And to my great fortune (and probably a little to his misfortune) I got stuck in traffic for 90 minutes with the president of Schwarze Industries—Howard May.

Leadership by Asking More Questions with Matt Erickson of Erickson Strategy 

Matt Erickson is the founder and Chief Consultant of Erickson Strategy where he is passionate about enhancing inspired leaders to create cultures of constructive accountability and empowerment.

Focus on Leadership

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ivan Nikolov. Ivan is a coach, entrepreneur, and purveyor of the individual empowerment community - Life Mastery.  

His goal is to give his community stories, examples, tools, and the confidence to demystify success and empower others to pursue clarity of purpose in life.

Creative Destruction and Value Creation

Jerry Daniels is the founder and CEO of Automotive Broadcasting Network. He is not only an industry disrupter, he created a blue ocean for himself. He identified an unknown, unmet need in society and created a valuable societal solution. He is the epitome of value creation.

3 Ways to Execute Leadership in a Competitive Environment

My daughter plays beach volleyball for Pepperdine University. While I obviously love watching her play beach volleyball because she is my daughter, I also love watching her play beach volleyball because I get to witness countless displays of ordinary leaders practicing extraordinary leadership.

How Will You Write Your Leadership Legacy?

When you leave your job or current position; when your kids leave your home; when clients, colleagues, or companions leave your life; and ultimately when you leave this earth, you will be remembered by the story you write about yourself.

Legacy Leadership from Today Forward

Recently, I spoke to an awesome group of CEOs and business leaders. During my presentation about holistically leading with purpose in life, the audience was engaged in the subject matter, contributing to the collective conversation, and open to the leadership lessons to be had in our time together – everyone except one. 

Assembling a Leadership Team by Inspiring Loyalty and Commitment

Ronald Reagan believed that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. He worked to find the best and brightest people for each area of his administration to create a brain trust around him that would contribute to his ability to make informed, intelligent decisions. He wasn’t afraid to be outshined, but rather he knew that the key to his effectiveness and success would be having leaders in their respective fields join him and support him in his vision for America. Rather than being intimidated by those with expertise and experience, he was motivated by it, inspired by it and thrived on it. 

Creating the Vision: Setting Expansive Goals

“Our country is a special place, because we Americans have always been sustained, through good times and bad, by a noble vision – a vision not only of what the world around us is today but what we as a free people can make it be tomorrow.”  —Ronald Reagan

When Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President of the United States in January 1981, there was widespread domestic malaise. The nation suffered from high inflation, scarce jobs, and low morale. Yet Ronald Reagan immediately took office and began to talk about a new dawn, morning in America, better days ahead, and the proverbial shining city on a hill.