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Mike's Messages | Believe in More

A special member of my team, Linda Lynch, lost her brother one year ago today. Michael Klein was too young, too healthy, too in love with his family, and too full of life to leave this earth when he did.

While Mike is terribly missed by many, he leaves a legacy that affects complete strangers. Out of the tragedy of his untimely death, there is an abundance of lessons we can all learngood things can rise.  

Legacy Leadership is a Deliberate Practice

I often tell the story of a world-class archer; he is a fierce competitor, holds multiple championship titles in his respective sport. No one can compete with this archer or so he thought.

4 *Tricks* for a Legacy Leader to Treat People Well

It may be a similar situation in your home, I just made a day-of run to the store for candy because the original stash of sweets, to be reserved for this evening’s festivities, didn’t actually last to see Halloween.

While making the candy run, I was thinking how we, as leaders, should look for any and all opportunity to invest in our people and treat the people in our life well.

Use 3 Exercises to Train Your Entrepreneurial Mind

In episode 018 of my leadership podcast, Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies, I interviewed the President and CEO of Coast to Coast Conferences and Events, Michelle Manire. You can listen to our interview here.

5 Gifts Legacy Leaders Give to Create Value

Mike Barbata is a legacy leader all of my listeners can learn from and be inspired by. Mike is the CEO of Jet Delivery and a garage to Goliath story in his own right. Mike started in the garage bay at Jet Delivery and worked his way to the Goliath position of the owner and CEO of the company.

I’m fortunate to tell this story of an unsung hero of business leadership and caring for and contributing to community.

Legacy Leadership | 2 Ways to Embrace Individuals

The political climate today is contentious and honestly, like you I’m sure, I have a hard time making sense of it. So when I share stories about and lessons from my experience with President Ronald Reagan, I do not share from a place of propping up a political party or a particular political figure. Rather, I share about Ronald Reagan as a person and as a leader, in life, and not just because he once was president of these United States.

Explore Leadership Influence: Meet Them Where They Are

If there was a time in my life, where I look back and cringe at my behavior, it is for certain the period of time when I was in high school. I was an athlete. I was a self-important athlete.

2 Opportunities to Communicate Value & Expand Your Leadership Legacy

Legacy leaders look for ways to communicate value in ordinary situations. Recently, a friend challenged me to answer two ordinary questions, questions most of us get asked every day, in a way that will leave a lasting impression and communicate value to others.

3 Ways You Can Practice Optimism Today

We all have challenges. We have families, employees, projects, teams, budgets, deadlines, and setbacks. What is there a lot of in life? Manure.  

The Game Changing Legacy Leadership of Jon Podany at LPGA

Jon Podany is the Chief Commerical Officer of the LPGA. Jon leads the commercial and business efforts of the LPGA to include sales and marketing, television, digital media, tournaments, title sponsors, branding and creative services, and licensing.