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Visionary Leadership | Creating a Culture That Is Bigger Than You

What is the reality?

75% of careers are derailed because of lack of emotional competency. Notice, I didn’t say position in company, lack of institutional knowledge, or lack of technical skills. 

Frankly it doesn’t matter if you have the intellectual know-how or a “leader” title. You’re the president? Super. You’re the General Manager? Great. You’re the CEO? Congratulations

The real question you should ask yourself is Can you relate to people?

Do you talk above your people? Do you talk beneath your people? Do you belittle your people? And to boot, do you you even know that you’re belittling your people? Because I promise you, they know you’re doing it. But you sign their paychecks, so they aren’t going to tell you these things.

I mean no disrespect to anyone with a CEO or president title. I have those titles myself. Really though, anyone can have a leadership title of president or CEO. You can go to FedEx / Kinkos and it costs about $7 to have those titles printed on a business card. Boom! You're a CEO.

However, visionary leadership - legacy leaders - build companies and create company cultures where the people who work there, don’t just get out of bed everyday to begrudgingly meander to work.  

Visionary leadership - legacy leaders - build companies and create cultures where people who work there pop out of bed every day, because those employees have a sense that their work matters, they’re part of something greater than themselves, and the company they’re part of is making a marked difference in this world.

How do you inspire people to pop out of bed? Value people. Prioritize value creation. Give your people, your employees, the gifts of motivation, goals, recognition, purpose, and challenge. 

Tweet @DQuiggle | Leadership Keynote SpeakerHow do you inspire people to pop out of bed? Value people & prioritize value creation. #GaragetoGoliath @DQuiggle

Now you might be saying to yourself, ‘yeah that's possible when your company is a trendy new start-up, an innovative tech company, or some fun filled product that has to do with puppies, or sports, or some passion hobby. My company isn’t any of those things.’

And I’ll push back to that with a resounding, no.

People pop out of bed and race to work when the leadership of the company is more than just a collection of titles. People pop out of bed and race to work when work is led by a visionary leader who deliberately creates a culture that's bigger than themselves, bigger than the product, and bigger than the industry.

Visionary leadership requires us to transcend the mundane, appeal to our people’s better angels. and inspire people to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Lead well, 


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