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6 Tricks to Lead Well | Halloween Inspired Leadership

The rhythm of life and culture presents us with regular opportunities for self-reflection, lessons to learn, and ways to improve ourselves and our leadership. One of those regular rhythms of our life and culture is the celebration of a fun and silly thing—Halloween.  

With a fun and spooky twist, here are 6 Halloween inspired leadership lessons:

1. Ghost and Goblins are haunting—but they don’t have to haunt you!
We all have our own ghost and goblins in the form of emotional baggage, past mistakes, or steep learning curves we have taken. Ghost and goblins from the past keep us from experiencing the fullness of the present and the promise of the future. And worse yet, our ghost and goblins can affect our teams, our businesses, and the people we really love. 

Leadership is the deliberate practice of self-awareness. Regularly and authentically take out the mirror. Hold it in front of your face. Look deep at the reflection. Wrestle with and explore all the important aspects of who you are and don’t ever stop.

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It won’t be all treats, all the time, but you can keep ghosts and goblins from lurking about you.

2. In every situation, there is an element of tricks and an element of treats.  
There is no such thing as perfect and life is a combination of tricks and treats. Leaders need to think one step ahead, anticipate both the tricks and the treats, And Crisis Management as a leader is learning how to minimize the tricks and maximize the treats.

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Which brings me to my next point . . .

3. You always get more with treats than with tricks.
I’ve never been tricked or scolded into changing my behavior; I’ve never been coerced into loyalty, berated into a different point of view, or had my mind changed by someone hurling a zinger at me—and neither have you. So why would anyone else, be any different?

Real leaders live an attitude of gratitude. Leadership is not demanding and demeaning. Leadership is about inspiring and appreciating. Give out the treats, life hands everyone enough tricks as it is.

4. Leaders celebrate creativity and diversity. 
Every year I watch trick-or-treaters parade about my neighborhood; I’m always amazed by the sheer diversity and creativity of the costumes. And it’s a great reminder that both creativity and diversity are what make life and leadership interesting. 

And as leaders lets breakout of the limiting box that diversity is a set of immutable characteristics. The empowering and exciting diversity is diversity of thoughts, ideas, backgrounds, and ways of doing things. Real leaders set the standard that we can be different, have different ways of doing things, and sometimes not even agree, yet we can live and work beside each other.

I wouldn’t want everyone to wear the same costume. Leaders don’t tell everyone which costume they must wear, leaders just get people wearing their own costumes moving together.

5. Never let your office (or your actual home) become the haunted house.
Leaders create the space for the free exchange of ideas, in a respectful fashion. There should be no elephants that we aren’t allowed to talk about.

Leaders create the space to talk about difficulties topics by talking about difficult topics. Practice open and honest communication; no one gets in trouble for saying the taboo thing, okay?

The same goes for your home and your family too!

6. Fun matters.
Look none of us get out of this life alive. So have fun along the way. Don’t ever take yourself too seriously. Don’t let others around you take you too seriously.

Create fun. Give fun. Lead fun.

Use this fun rhythm of our culture—Halloween—to reflect on your rhythms and tendencies as a leader. The more you reflect and pivot accordingly, the more satisfied you’ll become and the more you’ll be an inspirational leader to others.

Have fun. Enjoy what matters. And lead well,

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