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Leaders Create Positive Memories | G2G010 with Shelly Archer 

Shelly Archer is a Partner and co-owner of 360 Destination Group, a full-service destination management company powered by a culture of respect, responsiveness, and creativity.There are a few of Shelly’s specific leadership qualities I’m excited to share with you:

1. Shared Values - Shelly and I share some important leadership values. We value being happy, pursuing humor in life, and showing empathy toward others.

As effective leaders, we all spend a lot of time with our families and our employees and we as leaders have the opportunity to give the people in our lives the incredible gifts of fun and empathy. I love how Shelly is making those gifts part of her leadership legacy.

2. Authenticity - Shelly values and practices authenticity in her life and you’ll enjoy how she talks about it in this interview.

3. Work-life Presence - I learned a while back that I don’t want to strive for work-life balance, rather I want to pursue work-life presence. I appreciate that Shelly is mindful of this presence in her life.  

Shelly’s story is particularly empowering for female leaders; you can indeed be a great mom and have a fulfilling career. Shelly wanted both and deliberately created both in her life.  Her real practice of leadership is when she realized that because the flexibility to be a present mom and an effective business leader was so important to her, she wanted to give that flexibility away to other people on the teams she leads by creating a company culture that honors work-life presence.  

Listen to Episode 10 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies podcast to hear how Shelly infuses the leadership qualities of fun and authenticity into her life; it will inspire you to do the same in yours.


Lead well, 

Dan Quiggle | Leadership Keynote Speaker


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Show Notes:

  • About Shelly Archer, 360 Destination Group, and Shelly’s path to destination management [1:07]
  • What does a destination management company do [3:06]
  • Shelly talks about the first person she hired at 360 DG [3:50]
  • Shelly talks about her big why [5:22]
  • Shelly talks about what lifelong learning means to her [7:11]
  • Shelly talks about her personal values that guide her life [9:05]
  • What does Shelly spend her time thinking about [11:41]
  • How does Shelly do to strive to get to the next best version of herself [12:25]
  • The one piece of advice Shelly would give to her 20-year-old self [13:59]
  • Shelly explains her leadership philosophy and style [14:35]
  • Shelly shares some of the hard times and challenges for her company [18:41]
  • How does Shelly create a vision for her team to follow [20:53]
  • Shelly describes a time when she wasn’t leading well and how she changed [23:10]
  • What is the one trait Shelly looks for in her top people [25:04]
  • Shelly describes the type of people in her kitchen cabinet [25:57]
  • The one word Shelly uses to describe her business [27:27]
  • How does Shelly create and foster the culture at her company [29:03]
  • What does Shelly think is the most important decision she makes as a leader [30:52]
  • The one thing Shelly says is necessary for her company to maintain a competitive advantage [31:51]
  • What is left that Shelly wants to accomplish [33:24]
  • Shelly talks about what would make her feel more fulfilled [34:59]
  • 360 DG’s big why beyond profit [36:47]
  • Shelly’s mentor and person who has impacted her life as a leader [39:31]
  • Shelly talks about the people she gets to mentor [40:51]
  • Shelly shares how she wants her children to describe her to her grandchildren [45:49]

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash.